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Education has the important responsibility of molding young people into well rounded individuals, prepared to take their place in society as responsible citizens. The interscholastic athletic program is an ideal area in which to cultivate the development of the whole person......the mental, physical, social and emotional.

ESM athletes and coaches have represented their school and community very well throughout their years of participation and coaching in interscholastic athletics. During those years, our teams have experienced tremendous success. This success is not necessarily measured in wins or losses but in the fine spirit of competition, positive learning experiences, and overall enjoyment of participation in athletics.

We must encourage good sportsmanship at every level from coach, player, student body, and adult fan. We further believe that youngsters should be able to compete in the athletic program based on their skill and development and not on chronological age or grade. Once our teams are chosen, we shall strive for excellence. Our coaches will mold their squad into a cohesive working unit where all strive to achieve to the best of his/her abilities.

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