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Library Rules and Procedures


ESM HS Library Homepage

The Library is here for each student to use. You should not hesitate to ask Mrs. Wiles, Mrs. Saliba, or any library staff member if you have a question or need assistance. We are here for you!

In order for the Library to serve a maximum number of students we need to observe the following rules:

  1. Everyone using the Library must be working and/or reading quietly.
  2. The Librarians reserve the right to remove students who abuse library use/privileges.
  3. For rules of entry to the library, refer to page 26 in the Student Agenda.
  4. The use of the Library requires consideration for all other users. The following standards should be observed.
    • Students should use low voices while collaborating with one another.
    • A maximum of 4 students per table.
    • Use of headphones of any type is only permitted when others cannot hear the music.
    • Food and/or beverages are NOT PERMITTED in the Library.
    • All library materials will be circulated according to library staff requirements.
    • All computer use in the library is for academic work only.  Students' misuse will result in the suspension of user privileges.

Mrs. Wiles or Mrs. Saliba will be happy to find any books or magazines which may be unavailable in the library by calling other libraries for interlibrary loan services. 
 Feel free to ask!

Constant Access - Constant Learning

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