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Classroom Phase
The classroom phase of Driver Education at East Syracuse-Minoa is the perfect place to discuss any situation we may find on the road. This phase runs concurrently throughout the semester with discussion on both what we will see, have seen and have yet to see on the road. It is designed to give students basic information on a variety of topics related to the safe operation of a motor vehicle and more importantly how to interact with people and vehicles on the roadway.

Driving is more than just maneuvering a car through traffic. A good driver knows how to interact with other users on the road and make intelligent decisions. The students will also be exposed to the many different variables that we need to be aware of in order to drive defensively. This process takes training over an extended period of time under the supervision of both instructors and parents.


Signs, Signals & Roadway Markings

Driving in Rural Areas

Basic Car Control

Driving on Expressways

Managing Risk with the IPDE Process

Driving in Adverse Conditions (snow/rain/fog)

Natural Laws & Car Control

Handling Emergencies

Behind The Wheel Phase (BTW)

Performing Basic Vehicle Maneuvers

Effects of Driver Condition Negotiating Intersections
Alcohol, Other Drugs and Driving Sharing the Road with Others
Insuring a Vehicle Driving In Urban Traffic
Maintaining Your Vehicle   


Behind The Wheel Phase (BTW)

The "Behind the Wheel" portion of driver education is where the students apply all they have learned in class and throughout the permit process. Behind the wheel of a car is not the time to learn the "right of way" laws. Basic driving knowledge such as right of way knowledge, basic driving laws and a firm grasp of the major signs/signals/markings is mandatory to have before you ever get behind the wheel.

In order to complete this course successfully, the student needs to demonstrate that they can handle a car safely in all driving situations. They need to be aware of other drivers/pedestrians/hazards on the roadways and be able to navigate around or with them. Driving is more a "social" skill than any other. You need to work with everyone else on the roadway in order for all of us to get where we are going safely.

It is imperative that students get as much driving outside of class as they do within this course. Becoming better/safer drivers is a process, and without significant practice, improvement cannot be expected. Real learning happens through experience, so the more we can expose new drivers to, the more they will know what to look out for.


Parking Lot Maneuvers (1 Class)
            1. Hand-Over-Hand Steering
            2. Blind-Spot activity
            3. Figure 8's
            4. Car control (Brake/Accelerator)

Sub-Urban Development (2 Classes)
            1. Managing light traffic
            2. Managing regulated/un-regulated intersections
            3. Controlling car through turns and around roadway obstacles

Rural Driving (2 Classes)
            1. Controlling car at higher speeds.
            2. Exposure to Rural obstacles (Farm equip/Livestock/Narrow
                roadways/Construction Hazards)

Multi-Lane Roadways (2 Classes)
            1. Lane Changes
            2. Checking Blind spot
            3. Multi-Lane turns

Highway Drive (2 Classes)
            1. Entering/Exiting highway
            2. Lane changes
            3. Controlling car at higher speeds
            4. Maintaining proper lane position while driving.

Urban Driving (2 Classes)
            1. Heavy Traffic areas
            2. Busy city conditions
            3. 1-way streets
            4. Urban Obstacles (Pedestrians/Cyclists/Public Transportation)

Circle Driving (1 Class)
            1. Carrier Circle/GM Circle
            2. Entering/Exiting safely
            3. Circle dynamics
            4. Lane changes

Parking (2 Classes and throughout all other drives)
            1. Parallel Parking
            2. 3-Point Turn
            3. Pull in/Back out
            4. U-Turns
            5. Back In/Pull out

Final Exam Drive (1-2 Classes)
            1. Covers ALL areas of driving

Interesting Websites for You to Explore

Operation Lifesaver

NY Operation Lifesaver

NYS DMV Website

AAA Foundation (Newsroom/Video Vault)

American Driver and Traffic Safety Organization

Safe Fit Website

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