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Executive Principal's Message

Welcome to ESM Central HS 2016 - 2017

Dear Parents, Students and Visitors:  

      Welcome to ESM Central High School. We have been busy implementing our Site Based Plan and looking for ways to enhance our learning process. This year we are continuing our work with Harvey Silver implementing the Thoughtful Classroom framework. Our staff continues to focus on Compare & Contrast, Reading for Meaning, Lesson Design, Task Rotation, and improving our learning achievement utilizing the data wise process. This year we are also focusing on skills around Literacy and tools that staff can use in their classroom for the common core.

     I am very excited to continue a very positive school year as your High School Executive Principal and always welcome feedback and suggestions for areas of growth and improvement. (

Our students made wonderful progress last year and were recognized for their accomplishments. Your support and encouragement fosters your child’s success. Our School Improvement Plan is finalized and posted on our school web site. I want to update you on several items that will be of interest to you throughout the year:

Safety and Security: We continue to utilize the Visitor Security System that will clear visitors for building entry. You will have to show a government issued identification and then you will be issued a visitor security badge that must be worn at all times while you are in our building. We want to promote our CHS PRIDE initiatives through our PBIS program. If you are unsure of what our PBIS program is, I encourage you to go to the HS web page and learn more about it. (

21st Century Learning Skills: The East Syracuse Minoa School District has been very active in introducing 21st Century Learning Skills into our curriculum and we will continue that development during the 2014-15 school year. When we refer to the 21st Century Learning Skills we are referring to the 4 C’s: Critical ThinkingCollaborationCreativity, and Communication. When students graduate from East Syracuse Minoa High School we expect them to be able to think critically to solve meaningful, real life problemswork collaboratively with a partner or group of students,develop creative ideas and solutions, and communicate their ideas or solutions to the group. Our focus this year will be to develop their ability to think critically to solve real life problems.

School to College and Career Pathways: Mrs. Randi Ludwig is our Coordinator for College and Career Readiness. She has spent the 2015-16 school year leading our School to College and Career Advisory Board. Our School to College and Career Advisory Board membership consists of over 60 people that include staff, parents, students, and various business and college partnerships. We have been meeting the last few years and continue to focus on the implementation of Career Pathways for this and next school year.

Student Attendance and Tardiness: Student attendance at class is a key factor in student success. It is important that students be in school and on time when school is in session. Our students should be in school no later than 8:45 am as class starts at 8:55 am. Students must follow the attendance procedures for leaving the building. If they arrive late, they must sign in at the Attendance Office located at the front entrance and if they leave early, they must sign out at the Attendance Office. A student who arrives to school after 10:30 am will not be allowed to participate in extracurricular or athletic activities for that day.

Parent Portal: Our Student-Parent Portal helps keep parents informed of your child’s academic progress. This program is designed to provide parents with the opportunity to review grades, test scores and projects online relatively close to the administration of the assessments rather than waiting weeks for the results. I ask you to keep in mind some subjects will take longer than others to develop the grades and input them into the computer. Please be patient, as all departments will have different expectations in the scoring period. We have had many positive comments about this program and I hope you find it useful in helping your children improve their academic achievement.

Report Cards: We have four marking periods at 10-week interval. We will have a 5-week interim report for each student during the marking periods to provide you with an overall range of grades to determine how your child is performing during the marking periods. The normal report card will be available online for you every 10 weeks. You will receive a reminder phone call when they are posted and available. You may continue to check your child’s progress throughout the year on our parent portal 24 hours a day.  The dates the high school report cards will be distributed are as follows:

                Marking Period 1: Friday, November 20, 2015

                Marking Period 2: Friday, February 4, 2016

                Marking Period 3: Friday, April 22, 2016

                Marking Period 4: Friday, June 29, 2016 (report cards mailed home)

Warmest regards,


Grenardo L. Avellino

Executive Principal


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