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Welcome to the East Syracuse Minoa High School Yearbook.

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Congratulate Seniors by purchasing an AD in the back of our book.
Deadline = January 6, 2017
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The only guarantee to have a book is to pre-order online. 
All books are ordered and paid for online directly from Jostens.

Senior Pictures
Due November 1, 2016.

See information below.





School Photographer: Life Touch

Pictures will be taken during each student's English class on 
September 19 and 20, 2016.

Retakes on October 27.

Life Touch mails ordering information home during the summer.  Extra packets are located in the main office.

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Due by: November 1, 2015
More details below, too.





The yearbook is produced each year by a team of students led by faculty advisers.  The yearbook is both a class and a club, with students working to complete each deadline, collect advertisements, and market the book.

Faculty Advisers:  Barbara Heller, Leslie Welch, Eric Stalloch

Contact Yearbook at:

Frequently Asked Questions:
For answers, see below.  All others, please email us.

1.  When are senior pictures due?  How do I get it taken?
2.  Can I order an AD to congratulate my graduating senior?
3.  Can I place an AD for my business?
4.  How do I order a yearbook?
5.  When are senior quotes due?
6.  When are class portraits and retakes?

Senior Portraits

Due By:  November 1, 2016

Prestige Portraits of Cicero has offered to have our seniors visit their studio for a private sitting to have your senior yearbook photo taken. There will be no sitting fee and no obligation to purchase a portrait package, if you choose their Essential Session.

This is your chance to get a professional yearbook portrait included in the yearbook at no charge to you!


To make an appointment for your senior portrait session, please utilize the company's online scheduling website located at:


You may also call them at (877) 498-0909.
The studio is located at: Country Max Plaza, 5962 Route 31: Cicero, New York 13039.


You will have the opportunity to purchase portrait packages from Prestige Portraits, but you are under no obligation to do so.

If we do not have a student picture on file at school, the missing student will not be included.


This photographer being used (at no cost to you) to ensure consistency and photographic quality for the yearbook.  You, of course, may use any other photographer for the packages you purchase to distribute to friends and family.


The following guidelines MUST be met to be included in the yearbook, and Prestige will do this automatically:


1. DIGITAL PICTURES ONLY.  Hard copy photographs are no longer accepted.  Color photographs, only; no black and white or sepia tone pictures.  The files must be in jpeg format at 300dpi resolution.


2. PRINT SIZE RATIO: 2 x 2.5 inches. Portrait orientation, only; no landscape orientations.


3. HEAD SIZE RATIO: 1.25 inches measured from top of head to bottom of chin.


4. LIGHTING RATIO: 4:1 highlight to shadow ratio.


5. CONTRAST: Must be good graduation tones.


6. BACKGROUND: Corners must be dark with medium hot spot behind head and shoulders, slightly mottled.


7. BACKGROUND COLOR - Predominantly soft, mottled, subtle tones of grey.  No non-traditional backgrounds or exteriors.


8. CLOTHING.  Girls: Avoid extreme necklines or loud patterns.  Boys: Prefer conservative coat and tie to harmonize.  No hats or athletic uniforms.


9. POSES. Variety of good head and shoulder poses. Subject’s head and shoulders turned in varying angles. No extreme head tilts or angles, No hands, No Feet, No mug shots, No Trees, No instruments, No sports equipment.


10. IDENTIFICATION. The senior’s last and first name must be on submitted jpeg file for positive identification. For example, Doe_Jane.jpg.  (The photographer’s name must also be supplied).



Please Note: Yearbook portraits that do not meet above specifications will not be included in the East Syracuse Minoa yearbook.


Please Note: You are ultimately responsible for having this photograph taken and that it is not the responsibility of East Syracuse Minoa High School to ensure that each senior has taken a portrait to be included in the yearbook.


Are you a family member of a graduating senior who wants to include a personal message and pictures? 
These are ADs placed in the back of the yearbook and can include your personal pictures, baby pictures, messages, etc..
More Information Coming Soon.

Are you a community business who wants to support in the yearbook?
More Information coming soon.


Deadline: November 1, 2016


1.  Email your quote to  Include your first and last name in the subject line.
2.  You may only submit 1 quote.  The first quote you submit will be the one used.
3.  Your quote must be 16 words or less (including particles like a, the, an, etc...)
4.  Your quote must be in English (no foreign languages or symbols).
5.  Your quote may not include profanity, codes, obscenity, or any other language that would be deemed inappropriate for a high school yearbook.  Any song lyric, etc... must include who wrote or said it.
6.  If you do not have an email account, type your quote and submit it to Mr. Stalloch directly.
If you have any questions, contact Mr. Stalloch immediately.


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