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Student Council

Any academically eligible student interested in running for office should see related files below for more information. The nomination process begins in May and elections are held on ESM day.


Student Council Officers

Advisors: Mrs. DeParde,  Mr. McCoy

President: Paige Courbat

Vice-President:Joseph Rosaschi

Treasurer: Nicholas Lindquist

Secretary: Rhodothea Karagiannis

Website Manager: Edward Deaver


Class of 2014

Advisors: Mr. P. Carr, Mr. Russell

President: Danielle Ventrone

Vice President: Mary Wilson

Treasurer: Connor Bayly

Secretary: Kyle Hesse


Class of 2015

Advisors: Mrs. Carocci, Mrs. Kroll

President: Marisa Engelbrecht

Vice President: Abigale Johnson

Treasurer: Nicole Unislawski

Secretary: Jenna Kenney

Website Manager: Christopher Clappin


Class of 2016

Advisors: Mrs. McPeak, Mrs. Modelewski

President: Meredith Peckham

Vice President: Leonard Modelewski

Treasurer: Hannah Owens

Secretary: Claire Callahan


Class of 2017

Advisors: Mrs. Leo , Mrs. Reppi

President: Sierra Falcone

Vice President: Kristen Angona

Treasurer: Leonard DiBello

Secretary: Robin Walters


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