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Student Driving & Parking Policy

Student Driving & Parking Policy  

ESM Central High School

Student Driving & Parking Policy



Any Junior or Senior who wishes to drive to school during the 2016-2017 school year must complete the ESM Student Driving Registration Form,  meet “Eligibility Rules” for extracurricular and athletics, and have attended the ALIVE @ 25 driving course. 

  • A student or parent may appeal a student’s ineligible status to the principal or the student’s administrator.  The student's administrator will develop an Academic Eligibility Contract to be approved by the Principal. 
  • Upon receiving approval a meeting with the student, parent(s) /guardian(s), counselor and administrator will be scheduled to review and agree to the plan. 
  • Students who have not attended the ALIVE @ 25 driving course may sign up in the main office for one of the upcoming sessions.

  • September 1st
    • Session One: 8 AM - 12 PM
    • Session Two: 12 - 4 PM
  • Students and Parent(s)/Guardian(s) should become familiar with the ESM Student Driving & Parking Policy which can be obtained by opening the document below. 


Students should return the ESM Student Driving Registration Form and all supporting documentation to Mrs. Dussing in the Main Office during any regular school day.


When all information is received and processed your student will be issued a parking tag.  If your child does not receive a tag at the time of dropping off the required paperwork, he/she will need to return to the office to obtain it.    


All students who drive to school must have the official driving tag prominently displayed from their rear-view mirror and be parked in the student parking spaces of the Stadium Lot. 

  • Failure to do this will result in a warning ticket and may result in the suspension of the student's driving privileges. 

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