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Minoa Elementary Project Enrich - Green Lakes State Park

Safety Officers Informational Videos  

Project Enrich Informational Videos

Safety Officers Informational Videos

Welcome to the Safety Officer portion of Minoa Elementary 5th Grade Project Enrich Videos! Each of these videos was created using our iPads and edited down with iMovie. You'll get all of the information you need, in order to enjoy a trip to Green Lakes State Park. Enjoy!

How To Safely Remove a Tick

What happens if you're hiking and see a tick on you? Watch this video to learn how to safely remove it!

How to Stay Safe on the Trails

Do you like to Hike? Watch this video to get tips on staying safe on the trails at Green Lakes State Park.

Symptoms of Lyme Diease

This is an informational video on the signs and symptoms of Lyme Disease.

What To Bring on a Hike

When hiking at Green Lakes State Park, it is very important to be prepared. This video details all of the things you'll need to bring with you.

What to Wear Whilst Hiking

It's important to know what to wear whilst hiking, so this informational video has you covered!

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