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Minoa Elementary Project Enrich - Green Lakes State Park

Litter and Pollution Conservation  

Project Enrich Informational Videos

Litter and Pollution Conservation Officers

Welcome to the Litter and Pollutuon Conservation page. Here you can view videos about Litter and Pollution and it's effects, See our crossword puzzle which we've created, or even look at some informational speeches about Litter and Pollution! You can use the links below to navigate...

Litter and Pollution Conservation Posters and Vocabulary

Click the image to see a video presentation of all of the posters which were created for this piece of Project Enrich. You can also download the PowerPoint which was used to create this.


Video Slideshow of our Green Lakes State Park Field Trip

Click the image to see a video slideshow of the field trip we took to Green Lakes State park on May 9th, 2014.

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