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Minoa Elementary Project Enrich - Green Lakes State Park

Plant and Animal Conservation  

Project Enrich Informational Videos

Plant and Animal Conservation Officers

Welcome to the Plant And Animal Conservation Officer page. Mr. Labato's students worked on a Letter to the DEC, as well as an invasive species song and music video. You'll be able to view and listen using the links below. You'll also find a video slideshow link with some images taken from Green Lake State Park as well.

Plant and Animal Conservation Officer Slideshow

Click the image to see a video presentation for this piece of Project Enrich. You can also download the PowerPoint which was used to create this.


Invasive Species Music Video

Click the image to see the Invasive Species Music Video. You can also play/download the MP3 file only, or view the lyrics to the song.


Class Letter to the DEC

Click here, in order to view the letter that the class wrote to the DEC, regarding plant and animal conservation in regards to green Lakes State Park.

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