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Attendance Contact Information:



For the safety of your child the attendance staff will attempt to contact you on the day of the absence to verify it.  You may call the attendance office after 7:30 a.m. (315-434-3051 or to tell us your child is not coming to school that day.  Otherwise, you will be notified via automated message and/or e-mail.


Please call the attendance center with any changes in your contact information. Our contact with you is vital to identify children who are truant and out of school without your knowledge. We will still need a note from you the day your child returns for our records; the NYS Education Commissioner has stated that it is entirely proper and necessary for school officials to require documentation of the reasons for a pupil’s absences to fulfill the school district’s responsibility under the compulsory education law. Parents who allow their children to be excessively absent without adequate explanation can be charged with educational neglect in Family Court until the child’s eighteenth birthday. The district reserves the right to require a doctor’s note.


When students are excused early from school, they must bring a written request to the Attendance Center before going to first period. They will receive an early excuse pass that will allow them to leave class at the time they are to be excused.  Before leaving, the student should give the pass to the Attendance Center. The request must contain the following information:

1.       Date


3.       Time to be excused

4.       Means of travel from school

5.       Phone # where a parent or guardian can be reached

6.       Signature of parent or guardian

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