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Woodland Elementary PTO  

The purpose of the PTO is to provide innovative programs which enhance the quality of education through extended learning opportunities within the Woodland Elementary School.  We do this through many facets such as:

  • Promoting Woodland Elementary's educational programs through educational performances, community services and other family events and activities.

  • By raising funds primarily used to enhance the programs, events and projects of the Woodland Elemenatry School from, among other sources, donations by business organizations, corporations, foundations and individuals, and by fund-raising events.

  •  To serve as agent for donors who would like to sponsor projects and events for the Woodland Elementary School.

  • And by making gifts and donations to the Woodland Elementary School, consistent with the purposes of the PTO.

In essence we are here to help encourage our children to be the best that they can be and show our support and devotion to their future.  We encourage all parents/guardians to attend meetings and functions/events.


Explanation of PTO Activities

Fundraising profits support PTO activities such as the Reading Incentive Program, Learning Fair, Visiting Author, Family Holiday Event, Bingo and Play Day. These activities make the school year special for your child.

The PTO has also purchased items for the children to use and enjoy at school. In 2003-2004, new playground equipment was purchased. In 2004-2005, new floor cushions for the Library and picnic tables for the courtyard were purchased. In 2005-2006, new playground balls were purchased.

The PTO welcomes new ideas for activities for the children. We urge you to be involved and to participate in these activities with your child. When parents are involved, children do better in school, achieve better grades, have higher test scores and have fewer behavioral issues.


Do you have questions or concerns with regards to our students curriculum and how it relates to "Common Core"? Check out this informative website from PTA Today: or Download the file entitled "2013 Guide Bundle" at the bottom of this page.

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