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Dear Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to Woodland Elementary! Beginning a new year is an

exciting time. It can also be a time when families and children have

many new questions regarding their school.

The Woodland PTO has created this handout of FAQ's. We hope it

answers some initial questions and makes you and your child feel

more comfortable in your surroundings.

In addition to this publication, there is also a Student Handbook

containing additional information such as Support Services, Parent

Conferences, & School Policies. These items will be provided to you

at the beginning of the school year.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call the

Woodland Main Office at 434-3440.


Woodland PTO

Volunteer Guide 

Listed below are events, dates and descriptions of volunteer duties. Please list your interests on the first  page of this packet when you return it to school. 

Save Around Coupon Book Fundraiser: Volunteers are needed to organize pamphlets, organize sales and distribute  purchases.  Times and dates may vary but are generally in September. 

Winter Wear Exchange: Volunteers are needed to collect, organize and distribute donated winter wear to be given  out for free to students during the afternoon and evening on October 21.   

School Pictures: Volunteers are needed during the school day on October 2, October 3 and November 14 to assist  students and staff.  

Bingo: Volunteers are needed to make popcorn, sell concessions, check winning Bingo cards, give out prizes and  run the Bingo game during the evening on October 30. 

Fall Scholastic Book Fairs: Volunteers are needed to run the register and help students with their purchases.  Volunteers will be needed during the school days on October 29 through November 6 and in the evening on  October 30. 

Family Holiday Fun Night: Volunteers are needed to make popcorn, sell concessions, help students with arts and  crafts, run games, set up and clean up during the evening on December 11. 

Reading Incentive Program: Volunteers are needed to support reading programs by adding minutes read,  purchasing prizes and reading in the classroom.  Time and dates may vary, but are generally in February.  

Family Fitness Night: Volunteers are needed to run roller-skating activities in January.

   Family Fun Night: Volunteers are needed to run games during the evening on February 5. 

Dinner and Magic Show and Metal Recycling Event: Volunteers are needed to prepare and serve dinner during the  evening on May 20. Volunteers are also needed to help run the recycling event 

Staff Appreciation Lunch: Volunteers are needed to prepare desserts prior to the event and to help with lunch  preparation during the school day on May 12. 

Spring Scholastic Book Fairs: Volunteers are needed to run the register and help students with their purchases.  Book fairs will be held during the school day on May 15 through May 22 and in the evening on May 15.  ? Chocolate Pizza Company Volunteers are needed to organize pamphlets, organize sales and distribute purchases.   Times and dates may vary but are generally in February and March. 

Yearbooks: Volunteers are needed to take pictures for the yearbook at school events throughout the year.  ? Play Day: Volunteers are needed to plan prior to the event and to help at school during school day on June 17.   ? Kindergarten Celebration: Volunteers are needed to prepare and serve refreshments and flowers for the event  during the school day on June 22. 

5th grade Promotion: Volunteers are needed to prepare and serve refreshments and flowers for the event during  the school day on June 23. 

How Can I Learn More About Woodland?

1. Visit the Woodland website at and select 'Our Schools' and 'Woodland'. The site lists school telephone numbers, staff, faq's, school activities, etc.

2. Schedule a visit!

What is the best way to contact Teachers?

1. Call the school: 434-3440

2. Email: All teachers email addresses can be found on the Woodland website, select 'Staff'.

3. Send in a note with your child.

Can I enter the school at any time during the day?

School hours are from 8:00 – 2:00 pm. Parents are welcome to enter Woodland during schools hours. However, per building security and ESM District Policy, prior scheduling is required. Please make arrangements with the teacher prior to your visit. It is also District Policy to sign in and out at the Main Office. A visitor badge will be given to you to wear during your visit.

What if my child is sick and will
not be at school?

Please contact the Nurse's Office (434-3441). If you cannot get through, try the main office (434-3440). Also, as a courtesy, the Bus Garage (434-3460) may be contacted.

What will my child learn throughout the year?

There is a curriculum established for each grade level. Your child's teacher can give you a copy or you may log onto and select 'Parent and Student Info' and then 'Curriculum and Testing'.

What Can I Do At Home to Help My Child?

  • READ, READ, READ to your child.
  • Check your child's backpack every day.
  • Label your child's personal belongings.
  • Help your child master zippers, buttons, boots, mittens, etc.
  • Academic Computer Games/Skills: Log onto the Woodland website and select 'Departments' and then 'Computer Lab'. Scroll to the bottom of the screen click on the link. There are many sites specific to grade level for your child.
  • Library Links: From the Woodland Homepage, select 'Library'. You will find many useful resources.

How can I obtain extra help for my child if needed?

Please contact your child's teacher at any time regarding your concerns. Academic Intervention Services (AIS) are offered in reading and math for children who meet the service criteria. Furthermore, there are personnel at Woodland who specialize in speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, and counseling. A listing of these individuals can be found on the website and in the Student Handbook.

How can I participate at Woodland?

  • PTO: We have a very active and open PTO that welcomes all parents. We encourage you to attend our meetings and welcome your assistance in developing new programs, fundraising, sponsoring fun activities for the children, listening to parental concerns, etc. Please look for PTO communications during the school year and consider volunteering for one of the many activities sponsored throughout the year. Most activities require several people and help make it a group event!

  • Classroom: Contact your child's teacher to discuss times to volunteer in the class and fieldtrips.

  • Library: The school library always needs assistance! Feel free to contact the school Librarian. Your child will have scheduled Library time each week.

  • Lunchroom: You may volunteer in the lunchroom at any time or even come in to have lunch with your child. Please make arrangements in advance.


How is my child's day scheduled and when does my child

eat lunch?

Your child's teacher will give you an outline of their daily schedule. It will consist of times for classroom instruction, specials (physical education, art, & music), lunch, and recess. Your child will also visit the library and computer lab once a week. Specials are Physical Education, Art, & Music and run 40 minutes on a 4 day rotation with Physical Education every other day.

How do I pay for my child's lunch?

For families who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program, please complete the form that appears in the August District Newsletter. Lunch and Breakfast menus are sent home each month. Your child will be assigned a pin # for their breakfast and/or lunch account.

Payment may be made by one of the following methods:

· Send in a check with your child made out to ESM Food Service (reference your child's name). We recommend putting the check in a sealed envelope marked "ESM Food Service". Younger children are assisted in getting this to the appropriate personnel.

· Log onto and fill out the information. You will be able to monitor your child's lunch choices and add money to his/her account. There is a small fee associated with using this option.

  • You may also send in money with your child on the day that he/she purchases breakfast or lunch. We recommend placing all money in an envelope with the amount written on the envelope.
  • Stop in the school cafeteria to put money in your child's account.

What clubs and activities are there at Woodland?

Our teachers volunteer their time after school to offer certain clubs (all based on their availability). If you have an area of expertise or interest, feel free to contact the school or teacher involved!

1. Great Games Club 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades

     Students will stay and play board games in the bad weather! From 2:05-2:45pm.

2. Run/Walk Club: 3rd, 4th, & 5th Grades

    Students walk/run 1 – 2 miles after school (weather permitting)  
    from September to November and then March – May from 2:10 –
    3:00 once per week.

Activities and other programs:

1. Band Lessons: Beginning in 4th Grade

     Band Instruction is offered for small group lessons.

     Holiday and Spring Performances are held.

2. School Store: Run by 5th Grade

     The School Store is open for 2 mornings/week between 7:35 am –
      8:00 am.

     Primary Students (K-2) must be accompanied with a parental note
     to make  purchases.

     Low cost school supply items are available.

3. Chorus: 4th and 5th Grade

      Meets weekly.

      Holiday and Spring Performances are held.

4. Peaceful People: 5th Grade

     Throughout the year, students prepare 6 lessons focused on
      positive behavior.

     The lessons are presented to Grades K-2.

What type of Communications will come home with my


There are several forms of communications that will be sent home on a regular basis. Here are some examples:

1. "The Woodland Express" is a newsletter that will let you know what is going on at the school for the month so you can discuss specifics with your child. This is now on the website under spotlight.

2. Your child's teacher will regularly send home classroom notices.

3. PTO notices (purple colored paper) come home frequently. Be sure to check your child's backpack.

4. Many community flyers such as ESM Youth Sports, Boy & Girl Scouts, etc.

5. Report card will come home on a quarterly basis (the 1st quarter report card will be given out at your Parent Teacher Conference).

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions

please do not hesitate to contact the school at 434-3440.

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