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Reunions: Do you have information on a reunion that is being planned? You may submit information to Marcia Kelley at and we will post it for you. You may also check out the NON-District operated Alumni Facebook page and post questions and info there at: 

Class of 1967: 50-year class reunion on September 23, 2017 at Barbagallo's 6344 East Molloy Road, East Syracuse. Visit the reunion website at or Contact: Butch Schultz - Cheryl Chase Brooks - or Tom Donato -

Class of 1966: Met in June 2016. Visit the reunion website at 

Class of 1976: met in August 2016. Contact Mark Orr at 

Class of 74: See info on Facebook at this link: 

Class of 1981: Met in August 2016. Facebook Page is: 
ESM 35th Class Reunion Class of 1981

Class of 1991: Met in August 2016. For more information email Monica Millar at

Class of 1996: Met in July 2016. Facebook page is ESM Class of 1996 20 Year Reunion


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