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Use of School Facilities

The East Syracuse Minoa Central School District is now using an online product called "Facility Scheduling Direct" to process requests for the use of District facilities. For requests to use the Central High School Stadium only, please contact the Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Health at 315-434-3301. All others should follow the directions below:


1) Please review Board of Education Policy: #3280 Use of School Facilities, Materials and Equipment and the associated Administrative Regulation #3280R  as well as all the related files at the bottom of this page prior to making requests through the on-line system.


2) Please review the Building/Facilities/Field Usage Request Checklist below prior to submitting requests:

  1. All applications should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the first date of use.
  2. Events will be considered only when there is ESM custodial staff coverage on any and all dates/times requested.
  3. 1st Time Users: The first time you use the online system, you will need an account with an ID/password. To request a user ID/password, go to the Facilities Use website and THEN at the top right side of the page (see graphic at right) click on the "Log in to request facility Use" link. Once you select "log in" you will see the option stating "Don't have an account? Create One" Click here to get started by visiting the Facilities Use website.    
  4. Users with an Account: Once you set up an account and after it is approved, visit the Facilities Use website to complete an online facilities use application. Once on the site, click on the "Log in to request facility Use" link at the top right side of the page (see graphic at right). 
  5. Submit Certificate of Insurance using the online form. Please note: “Covenants Not to Sue” will no longer be accepted in lieu of a Certificate of Insurance. A Certificate of Insurance shall be filed indicating East Syracuse Minoa Central School District as an additional insured and contain a provision that coverages afforded under the policies will not be cancelled, not renewed or coverages diminished until at least sixty (60) days prior written notice has been given to the District. The certificate shall have limits not less than $1M bodily injury liability and $1M property damage liability (broad form) for each occurrence and in aggregate. A Certificate of Insurance is required except for school sponsored events.


3) Final approval will be given and cost estimates provided after all required

documentation is received. No use of facilities will be granted until final

approval is issued.


4) Please be advised that any approved facilities use by an outside agency or

organization may be canceled due to the needs of the school district.


5) If any equipment is damaged or broken, it is the responsibility of the lessee to

have it repaired or replaced at full value.


6) A final invoice will be sent after each event which may vary from the estimate,

based on actual hours used.


7) All participants must abide by the East Syracuse Minoa Central School District

     Code of Conduct.


FEE SCHEDULE: (Effective September 1, 2015)


The following fees will be assessed, when applicable, to cover the costs associated with maintaining District facilities. Curricular and co-curricular programs of the District, as well as school related groups are exempt from these fees.


For community groups and not-for-profit organizations:

Note: NO charge if 75% of participants are ESM residents. If less than 75% of participants are residents, the fees below apply:

Auditorium $45 per hr

Classroom $15 per hr

Gymnasium $35 per hr

Cafeteria $35 per hr

Kitchen/Cafeteria $35 per hr

Athletic Fields $50 per hr


For outside groups and/or for-profit organizations:

Auditorium $45 per hr

Classroom $15 per hr

Gymnasium $35 per hr

Cafeteria $35 per hr

Kitchen/Cafeteria $35 per hr

Athletic Fields $50 per hr


The above rates are exclusive of fees for the use of District personnel. Additional charges for the use of District personnel may be assessed to reflect the actual cost to the District.



(Auditoriums, Cafeterias, Gymnasiums, Classrooms, Conference Rooms


Classification of User Groups – for open times not being used by ESM Athletic Events, Physical Education or ESM School Sponsored Activities


Category 1 includes:

* ESM Community Youth Groups

* Not for Profit ESM Community Groups

* ESM Parent Teacher Organization

* ESM Approved Special Events (e.g. NYSSMA)

* ESM Youth Sports, ESM Pop Warner, ESM Little League

* Other ESM Community Groups

* Government agencies (with jurisdiction within ESM District)

* Charitable events sponsored/organized by ESM District and/or ESM Community

* OHSL and Section III athletic contests

* ESM Community Recreational Activities (e.g. Adult Basketball, ESM Community 

Coin Clubs)


* Total Participation for ESM residents must be at least 75% or a charge will be levied

Charges outlined on chart beyond normal custodial hours



Category 2 includes:

*For Profit Organizations within and outside of ESM

*Not for Profits outside of ESM District

* Charge will be prorated based on ESM participation %

Charges outlined on chart


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