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2016-17 Budget Information

Voters approved the East Syracuse Minoa Central School District budget and all resolutions on May 17. Thank you to the community for your support and to and all those who exercised their right to vote. Scroll down for complete budget details & documents.

ESM Budget: Yes: 785, No: 221
Bus Prop (purchase 6 vehicles): Yes: 830, No: 179
Create New Bus Reserve Fund: Yes: 781, No: 226
East Syracuse Free Library ($314,663): Yes: 804, No: 204
Minoa Public Library ($225,000): Yes: 823, No: 184

School Board Members - ELECT THREE, 
Top 2 vote receivers = 4 year term; 3rd place = 1 year term 
D. Paul Waltz:  Votes: 790 (4-year term)
Kay Gallery:  Votes: 841 (4-year term)
Michael Farnsworth:  Votes: 701 (1-year term)

Click Here or see below for a PDF of the 2016-2017 Budget Overview with School Board Candidates

Click Here or see below for a PDF (117 pages) of the complete budget packet which includes a line-by-line budget as well as the Property Tax Report Card, District Report Card (test scores) and more.  

The alignment of our resources to support ESM’s vision, as well as our Strategic Plan, goes hand-in-hand with long-range financial planning and fiscal responsibility. As a result, ESM will present a 2016-2017 proposed budget to voters that balances educational programs with financial stewardship to our taxpayers.

Central to this effort are several cost savings measures, including our energy performance contract (which generates reduced utility costs), shared-services, cooperative purchasing and a decrease in fuel costs. Budget increases include new debt service for Pine Grove Middle School and adjustments for the minimum wage increase.

The $76,683,349 proposed 2016-17 budget adopted by the ESM Board of Education on April 18 reflects a 2.75% budget increase. ESM expects to receive a 3.03% increase in NY State Aid in 2016-17 not including its Building Aid. The resulting estimated tax levy increase is 0.22% over the current year.

On a home assessed at $100,000, the overall tax bill increase after the Basic STAR exemption would be approximately $8.84 annually. For senior citizens with Enhanced STAR, the tax bill would increase $4.38 for 2016- 2017. In general, the tax increase equates to 12 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value annually. Please remember final assessments and equalization rates are not available to finalize the tax rate until August.

Budget Schedule:
March 14, 2016: Budget update with Board of Education
March 28: Superintendent presents proposed budget to Board of Education
April 18: Board of Education adopts budget & Property Tax Report Card
May 9: Budget Hearing
May 17: Budget Vote

Related Files
    pdf Complete 2016-17 Budget Packet (PDF - 4.06 MB)
    This includes a line-by-line budget as well as the Property Tax Report Card, District Report Card (test scores) and more.

    pdf 2016-17 proposed ESM budget (PDF - 1.64 MB)
    This is the budget overview with information on the School Board candidates

    pdf The three tax levy numbers under New York state’s tax levy “cap” (PDF - 379 KB)
    Each NYS school district will present 3 separate tax levy numbers as part to comply with the new tax cap legislation. This PDF explains the 3 numbers, which are: 1) the tax levy limit, 2) the maximum allowable tax levy, and 3) the proposed tax levy.

    pdf New York’s Tax Levy Limit Formula: How does it add up?” (PDF - 130 KB)
    New York’s new tax levy “cap” law does not restrict any proposed tax levy increase to 2 percent. Pursuant to the law, each school district must follow a formula to calculate its individual “tax levy limit.” This PDF will help you learn more about the formula.

    pdf "pdf file: You need Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher) to view this file. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for PC or Macintosh."

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