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District initiatives:


This page includes the Districtwide School Safety Plan and District Shared Decision-Making Plan. See below for more information.

Districtwide School Safety Plan: The purpose of this plan is to provide a coordinated interagency response to critical incidents occurring in the East Syracuse Minoa School District.  


District Shared Decision-Making Plan: School Based Planning and Shared Decision Making is a process designed to involve representatives from all stakeholder groups in significant decisions about their schools.

As required by Section 100.11 of the Education Commissioner’s Regulations, the Board of Education was required to develop and adopt a district plan for the participation by professional staff and parents with administrators and school board members in school-based planning and shared decision making.

The original plan was approved by the ESM Board of Education in 1993 and must be recertified every two years. The plan specifies the educational issues subject to cooperative planning and shared decision making at the building site, the manner and extent of the expected involvement of all parties, means and standards to evaluate improvement in student achievement, means for accountability for decision makers, a process for resolution of disputes about educational issues and the manner in which state and federal requirements for parent involvement will be coordinated and met by the plan.

For a full copy of the ESM District Shared Decision-Making Plan, click on the link below:

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