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Greener Greater Grove Renovation Project  

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A major project has been completed at ESM to renovate and make critical upgrades to Pine Grove Middle School called the “Greener, Greater Grove” project.

Renovation Work Photos-Videos: The Pine Grove Middle School project is proceeding on schedule. Click here for photos/videos and the latest updates of the current progress.  

“The promise of the Greener, Greater Grove has arrived and thanks to the support of our community, along with the creative, collaborative leadership, talent and skills of all who contributed to this project, we celebrate the transformation of Pine Grove Middle School,” said ESM Superintendent Dr. Donna DeSiato. 

The project includes renovation of approximately 118,000 square feet of the building, with additional space of roughly 12,000 square feet. The building now supports a middle school educational model with a distinct area for each grade level called a learning commons. Within each grade level, learning zones support a learning community for transdisciplinary teams. Each zone has flexibility to use learning space for collaboration in small groups, as well as learning in larger groups.

A focal point of the project is a new Community Café Performing Arts Center that will provide a venue for students to showcase their talent and accommodate events and activities, as well as serve as a dining facility.  Core building infrastructure such as plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems were upgraded, while stairwells and hallways were expanded to improve student flow. And as promised, the building is now much more environmentally conscious and efficient.

Nearly three-quarters of the entire cost of the project was supported by state building aid, thereby lowering costs for our local taxpayers. Dr. DeSiato also noted that the project was delivered on-time and within the community-approved budget.

Timeline for the project: The project was delivered on-time and within the community-approved budget. 

  • Public Referendum Approval of $29.4 million project: Dec. 19, 2012
  • Design Phase: Jan. 2013-Dec. 2013
  • Plans Sent to State Educ. Dept. for Review/Approval: Dec. 2013-March 2014
  • Secure and Award Bids 7/1-7/23 Bid Period (accept bids 7/23)
  • Award Contracts:  July 28, 2014
  • Renovations to Pine Grove Begin: August 25, 2014
  • Anticipated Construction Project Completion Date: Spring 2016
  • Ready for occupancy by students & staff: Fall 2016

Groundbreaking Ceremony: A groundbreaking was held on June 5, 2014. For a slide show of photos, click here. 

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