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Renovation Work Photos-Videos  

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March 2016: 

Click here to see a slideshow of photos taken in March 2016. The project remains on time and on budget.

December 14, 2015:

Click here to see a slideshow of photos taken during the Board of Education tour of the building on Dec. 14, 2015.

Click Here to see a video tour of the Community Cafe & Performing Arts Center. The tour starts back stage up the accessible ramp and then looks out from the stage toward the area where seating and the cafeteria are located. 

Click Here to see a brief 360 degree video tour of the Library Media Arts Center.

Early Dec. 2015: (Clockwise from top left: gym, cafeteria serving line, cafeteria/auditorium and main entrance)


August 2015: Click here to see a slideshow of photos from August 2015. The project is still on schedule. As of June 22, 2015, the project was 51% complete. 

May 2015: Click Here to see a video made in May 2015 by ESM Morning Show/TV Studio students featuring an aerial view of the project from their "quad-copter": 

Mid-April 2015: The construction project was more than one-third (39%) completed. Framing and foundation work was substantially finished for the whole building, as was the steel erection for the addition. Installation of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC infrastructure was underway. 

Click here for Photos from April 2015 (inside work)

Click here for Photos from April 2015 (steel erection)

Photos from 11-24-14: Click here or scroll down for a slideshow with captions.

Video Clips from 11-24-14:

Photos from 9-30-14: Click here.

Video 1 (9-30-14): Shows the demolition panning from what was once the main hallway and the library, then through the main office area, continuing to the hallway that went alongside the gymnasium and ending at the conference room in the front of the building looking into the cafeteria area. (9/30/14): Click here!

Video 2 (9-30-14): The footage shows the demolition panning from what was once the cafeteria to the former stage, which has now been removed so the view extends all the way to the gymnasium (9/30/14): Click here! 

Video 3 (9-30-14):  Shows a second view of the demolition panning from the current gymnasium looking through what was once the stage, which has now been removed, and continuing through the former cafeteria, which also served as an auditorium. The clip ends with a look out the cafeteria to the conference room & office area (9/30/14): Click here!

Slide Shows

Pine Grove Renovation 11-24-14
The photos show some of the demolition as of 11-24-14, including A & B Wing on the 1st floor, C & D wing on the 2nd floor, the roof, the main entrance, the music area, locker rooms and the gymnasiums.

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