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Dee Seaman  

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Dee Seaman

Dee Seaman and her husband Douglas live at 222 Lee Terrace in East Syracuse. District residents for more than 40 years, they have two daughters and four grandchildren, including two who attend ESM.

Mrs. Seaman began her career as an elementary school teacher and later became a corporate trainer, eventually retiring as a human resources manager from Community Bank System’s corporate headquarters in DeWitt. She is a graduate of SUNY Oswego with a degree in elementary education.

She is a former Girl Scout Leader and PTO member and a former board member of the Interreligious Food Consortium and Collamer United Church. She previously served as board chairman for the CNY Chapter of the American Society of Training & Development and is a former member of the Society of Human Resource Management.

Mrs. Seaman enjoys volunteering, reading, antiques and spending time with her grandchildren.

Philosophy of Education

While my title changed throughout my career, I was always involved with education.

Success – that of my own and, most importantly, that of the students I worked with – can be attributed to creating an environment that encourages, allows, and provides for an individual to become the best they can be. I found that this can best be accomplished by Encouragement, Discovery, Understanding, Communication, Activity, Trust, Information, Opportunity and Nurturing. These principles form my philosophy of education.

I believe that education is a life-long process. Building a strong foundation using these principles should be the core of K-12 education. Then, as individuals move through higher education and/or a career, they will continue the education process with confidence and knowledge that will ensure they become the best they can be as they embrace the world.

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