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Nadine M. Zesky  

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Nadine Zesky

Nadine Zesky and her husband, Mark, reside at 6611 Mari Carol Lane in Kirkville. They have two children: one attending ESM and one who is an ESM grad.

Mrs. Zesky retired after 20 years as an officer with the Town of Manlius Police Department. She has a bachelor of science degree in human services from SUNY Empire State College and an associate’s degree in criminal justice from SUNY Canton. She is serving her second 4-year term on the ESM Board of Education.

Philosophy of Education

My educational philosophy involves helping the students in our district discover their passions, while putting their educational needs first. I believe it is imperative for the adults of this community to work together, to provide a well-rounded education to all children within our district. I believe that schools need to embrace the changes our children are facing within the context of their futures while still balancing the fiscal challenges of education.

Leaders in education need to continue to look forward and anticipate technology changes and prepare students to face the challenges of a global and technology driven work place, while not forgetting the basics of a solid education. Schools need to be a safe and secure environment for kids to believe they can be successful learners. Schools should attempt to blend educational standards with the appropriate amount of extracurricular activities to help students learn skills, such as time management and teamwork.

With these basic commitments to education in focus, ESM can help to propel all students towards a successful future that is carved out for them as individuals. Students need to be able to discover their passions while being educated within our schools and by putting each one of them first when it comes to decision making, I believe we will keep ESM moving forward as leaders in education. 

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