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Drew Rogers  

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Drew Rogers

Drew Rogers and his wife, Christine, live with their two children, Nicholas & Sophia on Washburn Drive in the Franklin Park area of East Syracuse. They have lived in the District for more than 20 years.

Mr. Rogers is currently a crew leader for the Town of DeWitt Parks and Facilities and has been employed by the Town for more than 20 years. He is a member of the CSEA Local Supervisory Unit in the Town of DeWitt.

e has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Columbia College of Missouri at Hancock Field in Syracuse and an Associate of Science in Business Administration from Onondaga Community College.

Mr. Rogers has served on the ESM School District’s Systems and Structure Task Force for two years. He served on the Onondaga County STOP DWI Advisory Board for more than 10 years, and as a board member for the Selective Service System for five years.

He has been involved in ESM Little League as an assistant coach and ESM Youth Sports as a basketball coach. His interests are music, landscaping and history.

Statement of Philosophy

My philosophy serving as a school board member is to be proactive, straight-forward, decisive, fair and mindful of the students and staff. Working within the board as a team player is a priority as we keep the whole operation of the education structure of our ESM community moving forward and continuing the hard work previous boards have put forth.

The ESM School Board reputation of stability and continuity in achieving goals for the District needs to have that progression and advancement. Since there are many demands being placed on our students, staff and administration with state academic standards, economic conditions and our fast-paced life of our society being a proponent of what ESM offers is a must.

ESM schools provide our students with a variety of needed skills with our strategic plan. It is im
perative that the purpose of the education students receive at ESM will prepare and lead them into their chosen field of interest to work in a global society as productive citizens. I want to be an advocate of support for the students, staff and administration in our 21st century education model.

As a public employee, my experience working with all entities involved in our community from police, fire departments, highway, recreation, unions, charities and volunteer groups is important. This builds and forms partnerships while supporting our school community and the whole community in general. Trust can be built to achieve what a community truly wants to achieve. 

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