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Michael Farnsworth  

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Michael Farnsworth

Michael Farnsworth and his wife, Lisa, live at 153 Wilson Drive in East Syracuse with their son, Matthew. He has been a district resident for nine years and also has two grown children.

He is the owner of Worker Bee Landscaping and Lawn Care. Mr. Farnsworth has a bachelor’s degree in communications from SUNY Oswego. He also has an associate’s in business from Mohawk Valley Community College.

He is a volunteer for the ESM Band Boosters, a member of the F-M Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Task Force for County Consolidation and also a volunteer musician at his church. In addition, Mr. Farnsworth is a former member of the Camden Central School District Board of Education, a former Village Trustee in Camden and a former Rotary Club member. His interests include music. He is serving his first term (partial term from May 18, 2016 to June 30, 2017) on the Board of Education.

Philosophy of Education:

While I’m not yet sure how I feel about Common Core State Standards, I am sure, however, that the word “standards” makes me feel uncomfortable.

Local school boards should be just that…local. I’m not comfortable with the National Governor’s Association dictating a national standard.

I especially don’t like its criticizing primary and middle grade teachers for teaching “too much fiction, poetry, mythology and drama,” thus students entering high school are not prepared for a “real world” understanding to succeed…that’s a statement that is incredulous to me. We can teach our students how to write a complete sentence or to add binomials, but to focus less on fiction and drama might produce “smart” children that know nothing about managing life.

It’s been said some states value education more than others…does that mean children in those states are happier and better able to handle life?

Let’s understand students’ learning styles and help them be better prepared for the path they choose to pursue…help them be better prepared for life.

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