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Attendance/Reporting Absences  

Attendance & Reporting Your Child’s Absences

When your child is absent from school, we ask that you call or e-mail us. Otherwise, we will contact you via our automated calling system (SchoolMessenger) to verify your child’s absence using the phone numbers we have on record.


New York State law requires a written note or e-mail with the reason for being absent. If a written note/e-mail is not submitted, the absence will be considered unexcused. Please use the following numbers/addresses to contact the attendance office in your child's school:



E-mail Address


Central High School


Pine Grove Middle School


East Syracuse Elementary


Fremont Elementary


Minoa Elementary 


Woodland Elementary


Park Hill School



Parents are reminded that their children should only miss school for reasons that are legal and approved by New York State. Excused absences include personal illness, death/illness in family, medical/dental appointments, quarantine, religious observance or mandated court appearances. Excuses such as family vacation, oversleeping, babysitting, job interview, needed at home or running errands are unexcused absences.


If a child needs to leave school early, a note with the reason for leaving must be sent. The district will verify excused early notes by contacting you. Students who are late to school also need written excuses.


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